Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You disgust me!

Death you Disgust Me!
I ridicule you!!
Many writers have fancied you
Dickinson saw her spouse on you!
Woolf saw solitude in you!
Plath wrote everything about you!

I am a writer
Yet I disgust you!
I hate you!
More than I love my self.
I hate you to and beyond the point
where you took my daddy,
You took Mommy,
You took my grandpa,
Now enough is enough!
How dare you take my Uncle!!!!
How dare you!!!
I disgust you!!!
To the infinity!!!

You don't have children to raise,
to look after,
to see them crawling and imagine first born baby,
You don't have family,
You don't know about love,
You don't know anything about Love,
You don't have a smile,
You don't cry,
You don't have LIFE!!!!!!

How dare you take our lives???
How dare you separate us???
Who are you to interfere???
What have we done to you???
What do you get???
You don't have right, no, no, no Right!!!

You are one selfish saton,
Atleast saton had life,

Why don't you die,
AND let people live!!!
But yet You will disgust me!!!
to the infinity!!!

Countless words for you!

Thousand words for freedom
thousand words for others
thousand actions for freedom
thousand actions or others

Hundred words for life
hundred words for promises
hundred actions for smiles
hundred actions for love

Zero words for me
zero words for myself,

But I have,
countless words for you
countless words for your heart,
countless words for your smiles,
countless words for your love,

I create,
Countless actions for your life,
countless actions for your happiness
countless actions for your soul,
countless actions for Just You!

Countless words for you!!!
Countless words for you!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Heat, OH My God!!! Its so much heat in here,
its a new day but its like killing heat ,
Sometimes heat is good but would I dare
would i dare to use it with my raising heart beat,

I think and I feel simply to answer
to the questions, to life and to myself,
the only thing my head knows is to buffer
and i am just like those unused old words of classic bookshelf,

whatever is it, what it is supposed to be
that i am thinking and doing
i would want it to be good and see
my inner self and my feeling!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Drops into the heaven that splash,
The tiny little drops of splash,
Come to me as I turn around,
and let me go free on the ground,

Let me float above you,
let me dance for you,
let me drwon for you,
let me flow for you,

Tiny little drops of splash,
come to me as i flash,
and let me go serene,
In your beautiful marine,

Come blow my mind,
as i close my eyes,
To see you I can go blind,
To make you mine, I can speak thousand lies,

The tiny little Drops of Splash,
Come, Lets unite and let us both be Special Ash!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i DeSeRvEd

i could not say anything no more,
i have no more good words,
i am tired,
i am not here for forever,
i am not a tale,
not a joke,
not a song,
not a poem,
that can be heard, laughed upon , read or enjoyed,
every time, in all time,
i am a glass,
i am a soft silk,
that can be broken, and tore
i can be hurt,
an easy target,
deep inside,
i can be a famous victim,
victim of love, lust or whatever it may be,
that occurs,
that exists,
in the life called unknown,
and i am just another unknown life,
strange, dark, wet, tears...
may be it was something i wished for,
i dreamt of,
i charmed of,
i fantasized of,
i got what i deserved,
Yes i got what i deserved!!
I deserved!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SAD song

Had a sad song once ,
the song that killed me and threw all the blood upon my face,
pleaded to death to leave me,
leave my ears and run away,
Or else let my ears runaway,
but the power that diminished me,
was no joke, was no fun,was only breaking,
Abhorred it, cursed it, tried to end it,
but the song went on and on and on........
like never before...felt the song would walk up to heaven,
going on and on and on.....
And claim the sit for its sin,
claim the throne of God to be its,
claim the evil sad song and with dignity it sits,
A song ruling upon beings,
Blessing was a wrong word,
the cursing was the blessing!
horrified and tortured,my eyes...
looked upon the sky,
the sky that was so pure and beautiful
became a combination of Red and Black!!!!
vacuum,empty,void,vacuity,blank...nothing nothing at all!!!
the blood still passing through my skin,
stopped smelling odd,
the air stopped blowing,
hot it became very hot,
eyes trying to pop out,
heart beat fast fast than ever ,
mind working like a injured machine ,
a only proper thought was my soul,
nothing in my body was mine...
All were Taken., taken by the sad sad song,
i console myself,
i try to soothe my hands,
i try to comfort my heart crossing it,
i try to cheer up, smile...
smile became a thunder ,
my heart became a big blunder,
the soul i trusted to be only mine,
left with sounds of the thunder,
i needed another proper thought...a thought ..just a thought..
i got the answer..it was a scream....yes ...it can be the scream!!
i tried to scream..scream to death...
scream in every possible way,
scream in every possible style,
I did, i screamed, i did
just a scream, Scream, SCREAM!
All the while my eyes were closed,
someone opened them, and told..
"Don't Worry Its Just A Bad Dream"

Monday, May 18, 2009


Dear its your birthday, the day when I wish everyone will sing, dance in every way and subway,
Baby its your birthday, the day when God will take a day off just to wish and bless you Good day,
the day which turns out to be sweet as the smell of May, and wish divine beauty will on your feet lay,
Its your birthday, the day to mark as Life's display,
the day to bring out even single simple smile with such lovely ray,
the day to flourish and embellish happiness for no one has to pay,
the day to memorize the good memories play and replay,
the day to make the time stay for a while and hug you wishing you Happy Birthday!
*p.s....Dear Its your Birthday and I wish I had other words than Happy Birthday because I wish to wish you in all the words possible. But believe me dear, all the words, letters and even the Blank spaces heartily wishes your life to be more brighter and full of Joys as always!